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J. Christian Parent was born and raised in the great state of Maryland, during the latter half of the 20th century. Chris went to UMBC for college, to study music in general and music recording in particular. Upon graduation, he embarked on a series of freelance escapades.

After many attempts to get a "real" job in the Washington DC area, he gave up and moved to Baltimore. Place to live and waitering job secured, he recieved a belated call back from one of the DC area companies. He got the job. Chris then spent the next two years of his life split between two cities...Baltimore and Bethesda. As much as he enjoyed working in Bethesda, Chris couldn't bear the four hours a day he spent commuting, so in July of 2007, he cut the cord and went freelance. Again. Full time.

These days, Christian's time is spent producing video, mixing and mastering audio, and teaching audio production. In what little spare time he has, he enjoys photography, reading, hiking, and watching Discovery Channel.

Interested parties can find his CV here.